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The Happiest Place is a world-building story game where you build and explore your own rad theme park! Bounce ideas around in the Blue Sky phase. Design an attraction – a ride, restaurant, or show – with the help of the Attraction Templates. Then guide the other players through your creation. They'll scream on your rollercoaster, eat your corndogs shaped like the park's mascot, and marvel at the end of the night at your fireworks spectacular. (Ooooh!) One player's attraction will be deemed "Legendary." Will it be yours? Geez, I hope so!

This is a 1 page RPG made for the 2021 #1pRPGjam. If you like The Happiest Place, you'll love Adventure Snack, my free-to-play micro-RPG newsletter. Subscribe today and turn your inbox into an adventure!


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The Happiest Place Review

Well, I definitely feel like an Imagineer, I mean, Magicmaker.

This is a great game for "disnerds" and theatre friends - as its a strong narrative game. Very rules light - not for people who like rolling dice or crunching numbers.

I really, really like that it isn't just rides - it also includes a template for restaurants and shows. You can get the whole theme park experience and there's enough variety and narrative give that you can just do what you're comfortable with and it can still be an engaging experience for everyone. 

Thanks for the great review!

In theory, you could build rides powered by dice rolls and put on shows that require number crunching from the audience. It'd be a strange park, but it's possible! 😁