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The Listeners is a 3D exploration adventure game about adapting to the needs of our world and each other. The game was created for the 2020 Climate Jam.

Sonia and her trusty cat Tobes are two renowned adventurers from the village of Popa. When deadly red hurricanes attack their world, Chief Karn sends Sonia and Tobes on a mission to speak with the people and animals who live in the jungle, beach, and snowfields outside their village. By talking with the outlanders, Sonia and Tobes unlock the secret to saving the world.


ARTIST – Nayaki Anandan – TW/IG: @nayakidraws

ARTIST – Liz Danchik – TW: @lizdanchik

COMPOSER + SOUND DESIGNER – Zach Buckley – TW: @zwbuckley * IG: @zw.buckley

DESIGNER – Greg Morton – TW: @GregRGM

PROGRAMMER – Hugo Bille – TW: @HugoBille

PROGRAMMER – Griffin Dziok – TW: @TraceAE_

PROGRAMMER – Will Tinoco

WRITER – Geoffrey Golden – TW: @GeoffreyGolden


TheListeners.zip 69 MB

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